About Us

Legalese is a creative legal agency which has redesigned legal services making them accessible, understandable and affordable. For the last 5 years, Legalese has been synonymous with legal innovation in South Africa. We have provided thousands of startups, creatives and companies with legal services and launched a suite of legal services catering specifically for entrepreneurs and SMMEs.

What is the Legalese Store?

One of the central beliefs at Legalese has always been that legal services are too expensive. That is why we pioneered fixed fee billing and a legal price list in order to make our services affordable for SMMEs. However, balanced with that was an understanding that legal services also needed to be specialized and professional. To date we’ve remained consistent in offering personalized legal services for way below the industry standard costs.

In continuing this journey we’re proud to present our latest brainchild – the Legalese Store. An e-commerce platform making instructing a lawyer quicker and easier than ever before. Through the scroll of a mouse, the click of a button and the flash of a mobile phone, you can find the legal service you need, purchase it immediately and set up a call with a lawyer in a few minutes flat.

What’s our thinking behind this?

Time is money – for you and for your lawyer. The solution to bringing our legal fees down was to productize our services so clients could purchase a product as opposed to our hours. What we found however was that while our legal work was efficient, the time spent on the admin around an instruction took us time which cost you money. The Legalese store makes instructing a lawyer quick and easy. No phone calls, no coffee meeting, no quotes back and forth. You see what you need, click a button and we’ll take care of the rest.

Once a purchase is made, the cogs start turning our side and it’s business as per usual. We set up a time to chat in more detail and get to work.

How is this still a personalized legal service?

Some solutions to the expense of legal services has been to cookie cut templates which you can download. That’s not what we’re doing. Once you make a purchase through the Legalese Store, you will be contacted by a real lawyer who will put his/her real legal mind to your business. It’s a professional legal service, but just made a bit easier.

What if I like the face-to-face or I don’t know what I need?

That’s no problem. No two clients are the same. If you don’t like the Legalese Store, then our existing model still works like a charm. Contact us through our website or drop us a mail on info@legalese.co.za and we’ll give you a shout.

Visit the store today – store.legalese.co.za

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