Combined Website Policy (customised goods)

Combined Website Policy – direct retailer (customised, un-regulated goods)

R8,500.00 excl VAT


You’ve managed to get your business online, and it’s running brilliantly! You trade in customised goods and sales are coming in and people are signing up for your newsletter. However, have you thought about your legal liability – have you ensured you’re acting within the laws and being clear with your customers? At some point, those old copy-and-pasted terms may have passed their sell-by date.


Every website requires terms and conditions which ensures that you’re acting within the law and that your customers are told how they can and can’t use your website. We all know few people read them, but you’re going to want to ensure you have them if something does go wrong.


Having comprehensive Website T&Cs in place on your site, allows you to not only comply with applicable SA online laws, but also protect your online assets when the law can’t.


Legalese’s Combined Website Policy is one comprehensive, but user-friendly Website Policy, which consists of the “Big 5” of legal components:

  1. Terms of Use: lays down the rules for customers just being on your platform.
  2. Terms of Service: provides customers with all necessary information required by the Consumer Protection Act, Electronic Communications Transactions Act, or any other applicable legislation.
  3. Intellectual Property Policy: a bespoke policy detailing that all Intellectual Property on the platform is yours.
  4. POPI-compliant Privacy Policy: ensuring you’re compliant with the impending POPI Act.
  5. Disclaimers & Indemnities: a policy detailing what you’re liable for, and for what you’re not.


With one simple product, you can sleep well at night, knowing that your online store has T&Cs which you can hold up proudly and ensure legal compliance for your budding customised-goods business.


We will provide you with the following:

  1. A telephone call or personal meeting where we run you through a discussion about your website’s services to then decide on the terms required of your unique website policy.
  2. We draft the website policy, tailored to suit your needs.
  3. You review the agreement and send your comments back to us for feedback.
  4. We finalize the draft, ready to be uploaded to your platform!

By purchasing this product, you agree to our Terms of Engagement:

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